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"Tony Lewis is an artist who's professionalism and abilities measure up to the best of his US colleagues.  And live, a feast for the eyes and ears!"
Christoph Schwegler, Radio DRS1
"Tony didn't have it easy to leave us.  The evening finally ended with standing ovations and numerous sincere encores."
Robert Casanova, Made in USA France
"... a guarantee of the very best Nashville Quality, in both his albums and live shows. No doubt: the man belongs to the crème…"
Geri Stocker, Music Editor DRS1
Emotional intensity meets spontaneous fun– Tony Lewis, alone on stage with a collection of musical instruments, sharing songs and stories.
“Americana Music”* - Delivered with the soul of a bluesman, and the intelligence of a jazzman.
*WIKIPEDIA: Americana is an amalgam of roots musics made up of the shared and varied traditions in folk, country, blues and rhythm & blues. Americana is popularly referred to as Alternative Country.

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