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CLASS STRUCTURE: Group instruction in theory and exercises, then practical work in small groups.

WHO?  Moderately experienced amateurs through professionals. Ability to play an instrument is helpful, but not necessary. Styles covered: Pop, Rock, Country and Jazz.

HOW MUCH?  Course fee: SFr. 470.-, Accommodation in Hotel Asora ***, 7050 Arosa (www.hotelasora.ch), 6 days half pension: SFr. 690.-

Course fee in case of private accommodation: SFr. 630.-

Modern Songwriting – "Method, Mechanics and Magic"

22. July through 28. July  2012 (Sun-Sat), Arosa


What makes a good song?  We will analyze songs, putting emphasis on the relationship between lyrics and music. And, we'll work on your songs: What's good?  What could be improved? Practical tips and techniques. Lyrics may be in English, Swiss-German, German or French.


Kulturkreis Arosa, 7050 Arosa, Switzerland

Tel. 081 353 87 47, Fax 081 353 8750

info@kulturkreisarosa.ch www.kulturkreisarosa.ch

Tony Lewis is a career songwriter and entertainer, performing internationally as vocalist, guitarist and pianist.  He has released 6 successful albums of original songs, in addition to having written for other artists. He has also won diverse prizes for composition for film and publicity. Tony is active in Jazz, Pop, Rock and Country.

Tony Lewis (Photo: Reto Heiz fotopix.ch)

Songwriting Workshops

The last Modern Songwriting class was a very diverse group with varying degrees of songwriting experience. After a week of instruction and exercises (and quite a few laughs), we were able to compose a song called “The Girl On Track 5”More…

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