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Songwriting Workshops

The last Modern Songwriting class was a very diverse group with varying degrees of songwriting experience. After a week of instruction and exercises (and quite a few laughs), we were able to compose a song called “The Girl On Track 5”.  The students created a very complex kind of story song with a surprise resolution at the end.  

The form follows AABCB with a lift at the end of the verse (A).  

The Girl On Track Five   words and music Deutsch/Schläpfer/Schneider/Schöni/von Bergner/Lewis

1.    Every morning at eight, track four
A jungle of papers and styrofoam stores
Through a tunnel of bodies just half alive
He runs to catch the sun rise on platform five

His anticipation is out of control
Until she appears and the sun fills his soul

2.    For over a month now he sees her there
Pretty as a picture, ribbon in her hair
Two or three times even caught her eye
She smiled and looked away, she seems real shy

He’s been hoping to cross her in town one day
But even if he did would he know what to say?

Chorus: The girl on track 5 takes the eight-fifteen
If she only knew she was his everything
Though every attempt to cross the chasm’s failed
He won’t let go, he won’t be derailed

Bridge:    Daydreaming on her morning train
Already impatient to see him again
When softly a voice asks “Is this seat free?
I guess I’m on the right track, finally”

Chorus: The girl on track 5 takes the eight-fifteen
Now she knows she’s his everything
In a final attempt love and courage prevailed
Now he won’t let go, he won’t be derailed


Note: The recording was a quick and simple one just to show the composition, not meant for release!

Modern Songwriting – "Method, Mechanics and Magic"

22. July through 28. July  2012 (Sun-Sat), Arosa